KMSPico Windows 11 Activator Download [Official Site 2021]


If you are looking at the KMSPico Windows 11 Activator to activate Microsoft Products such as windows and office, then you came to the right place. In today’s guide, we will discuss the most famous KMS activator application, which is used widely around the world. There is no doubt that it is the only best windows 11 activator tool that gives its 100% to the users.

This is the latest Kmspico 2021 version in which we fixed all small bugs and now you can download without virus detection

This is the only reason why it is most famous, and people want it, but somehow if you are new and you don’t have enough knowledge regarding this KMS pico tool.

Then don’t worry because we also cover this topic as well. In this guide, you will learn everything about it. By reading this guide, you will learn the actual value of this.

Also, we are going to provide you with the complete step by step guide in which you learn the whole process on how to use this.

Even though we will tell you how you can use it to get the permanent activation and highlight some best features to understand even better.

Requires4 .NET Framework
Last updatedMarch 2021

What Does KMSPico Do?

What is KMSpico 2020

Before we proceed, it is a must-learn what this tool is actually, so basically, it is the tool, or you can call it Activator whatever you want.

KMSPico is an activator used to activate Microsoft Products such as Windows 11 Instead of this, people can also use it to get the premium version of Microsoft Office 2016 and 365 as well.

The KMS tool is developed by the famous Team Daz, who contributed a lot in the field of activator tools. They made other tools, but the most trusted and reliable tool they made is this KMSPico activator.

It is the only tool that gives you genuine activation, and by using this, you will never catch Microsoft Servers.

Download KMSpico

Why Use KMSPico in Windows 11

Everyone has to deal with lots of software and apps every day, but it’s not that easy to use the premium version without any charge.

Advancing technology also achieved exciting use of Windows and Office in workplaces, educational institutions, and other areas of life. But using the paid or full edition of Microsoft products is not easy for students or office employees.

It is because a student can’t afford that much money, and also, an employee with a low salary face problems in purchasing the product.

Because as we know, Windows and Office come with the 30-days free trial, after which trial ends, you will be forced to purchase the license key.

Otherwise, if you don’t purchase it, you will be restricted from using it, and you won’t get updates from Windows. This is the only reason why people use KMSPico Windows 11 Activator because, with the help of this tool, you can get these both products free of cost.

How KMS Activator Work

The name KMSPico is derived from Microsoft’s own program called Key Management Servers in short KMS. This technology was introduced to big companies or business owners.

It is they have too many computers at their place and purchasing product key for every machine become very costly. Instead of this, it consumes a lot of their time to activate each and every machine by themselves.

That’s the reason why Bill Gates introduced the KMS Server in which all the computers of a company or business connected to a server, which automatically activates Windows and Office.

These servers keep updating the license keys every 180 days to provide a genuine license to every machine. That’s why whenever they installed the fresh Windows, they then connect to a server, and their Windows get licensed automatically.

Now, this KMSPico activator works the same as the KMS Server of Microsoft. It also creates a custom server, and in this way, Microsoft understands that your machine is also a part of their server.

So, as Microsoft servers update the keys every 180 just like them, this Activator keeps updating your license every one day. It is because you will get the new license key, and in this way, you will get the lifetime activation.

Download KMSPico 10.2 0

Here comes the main part of this topic, which is How to download KMSPico 2020 by using our website. Now you will be wondering why I am providing this guide?

If yes, then the answer will be; because there are some website which includes in-link or pop-up ads in their URLs.

That’s why most people get confused about which link to click or not, so by reading this guide. Everyone will understand and can download KMSPico easily.

Follow these steps below:

  • First of all, click on the download button, which can be seen under this guide, and by clicking on this, it will redirect to another page.
  • This is the download page of KMSPico, where you see some information about that product, and below that information table, you will see another button.
  • Just click on that button, and at this time the browser will take you to the Mediafire page, from here you just need to click on that green Download Now button.
  • At the time you click on the button, a 5-second timer can be seen there, so just wait until that timer ends, and then a new window will pop.
  • In this Window, you will be asked to choose your destination where you want to save the file. I will recommend to download it on the desktop.

Download KMSpico

That’s it within some time, the file will be downloaded in your machine, and you are ready to move to another guide, which is how to install.

How to Install KMSPICO Windows 11

Installing the KMSPico is not a big deal, but before proceeding, there are some steps that you should follow. Make sure to read this guide carefully; otherwise, you may damage the installer file.

This is primarily a cracking tool that affects files in the computer registry. So it’s normal for your Virus Protection to identify this tool as a threat.

(Don’t worry about the firewall as it doesn’t communicate with any network once it’s installed) So we suggest you add an exception to your Virus Guard / Windows Defender file or disable it temporarily once the task is complete.

You can do this by going to Start Menu and search for “Defender” in the search box Open it, and you will see Open Windows Defender Security Center Click on that.


After this click on Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection Settings,


and then turn off Real-time protection.


Now go to the folder where you download this ApplicationApplication and extract it by using any Rar extractor tool like WinRar, seven zip, or PeaZip.

When you extract this, it will create a folder there so open that protect and there you will find KMSPico.exe file.

Right-click on KMSPico.exe and click on Run as Administrator, a dialogue box will pop asking for confirmation so just click Yes.


Now it will open an Installer Window, so just follow all the steps you see there and install it like standard software.

Within some time, the ApplicationApplication will be installed on your machine, and you will then need to move another guide to learn how to use the KMSPico activator.

How to Activate Windows 11 Free

After installing the KMSPico activator on your computer, now it is time to learn how you can activate Windows 10. Make sure to read a complete guide and don’t skip any step; otherwise, you may damage your files.

As I said above, you need first to disable your Antivirus and then launch KMSPico from Start Menu.


After this, you see the KMS activator window where you find the Red button there. So, just ignore anything and simply click on the Red Button.


This process will take some time, and you have to wait until you hear a notification says “Program Completed.”

That’s it now notices a Green background in Windows Logo, which means your Windows is now successfully activated.


You can also restart your Computer and later right-click on My Computer and click on Properties, just scroll down and here you see Your Windows is activated.

How to Activate Microsoft Office with KMSPico

As in the above guide, we activated Windows 11 successfully now; it’s time to learn how we can activate Office using KMSPico. Keep reading the steps and make sure to read all steps carefully to avoid making any mistakes.

1. Before we open the KMSPico tool, we first need to open an Office product like MS Word, MS Excel, or any other of your choice.

2. After this, now again open Start Menu and launch the KMSPico tool from there.

3. At this time, you notice there is an Office logo as well, so don’t touch any other thing. Simply click on Red Button.

4. This process will again take some time, and then you will hear notification “Affirmative” and then “Program Complete.”

That’s it your Microsoft Office is now successfully activated as well you will then notice a green background in the Office logo.

So, again restart your computer and then open any product. For example, MS Word now clicks on the file and then Account. Under the account section, you will notice Your Product is Activated.

Best Features Of KMSPico Windows 11 Activator

Best Features Of KMSPico Activator

Now let’s talk about the best features of this Activator, which you get after you use it. The list is extensive, that’s why I am only highlighting some significant features so you can understand better.

Here is the list of best features of KMSPico:

Activate Windows

With the help of this fantastic software, you can activate Windows. It supports all the latest versions of Windows you can get the product key of Windows 11, Windows 8/8.1.

This doesn’t support older version of Windows like Windows XP and the Windows Vista because they become outdated and Microsoft discontinue this project. Windows loader

Activate Office

Not only Windows but with the help of this tool, you can get the full version of Microsoft Office as well. Just like Win, it also supports the latest version of MS Office like Office 2013, Office 2016, including Office 365.

This single tool can be used for both products. You don’t need to have another application.

Supports 32 and 64 bits

Now, this is a very annoying thing because, at certain times, we forget our architecture or maybe sometimes installed Windows with 32 bit instead of 64 bit.

So, at this time, you will be asked to install software that is made for this architecture, and that’s why we need to have two copies of the same software. In KMSPico, you will never be asked for this, and the single tool supports both architectures.

Genuine License

This is another best feature that you should learn as this ApplicationApplication provides you with a genuine license. With the genuine license, you never ban from Microsoft Servers, and also you will get the latest version from Microsoft.

If you ever you another tool, you will face fake license errors, which may cause ban your IP from Microsoft.

No Internet Connection

In case you are travelling somewhere with no internet connection and you just installed a new Windows their or the license of Office just expired, and you have to do some important work.

Then don’t worry because you can now get the full version of Office without connecting to the internet. KMSPico is the only tool that works totally offline.

Lifetime Activation

If you ever used any other tool, you may have faced an issue with activation as they only extend the time period of expiry. So, when that period ends, you again have to follow all the steps to activate your Windows, and this cycle continues.

But by having this tool, it won’t ask for reactivation as this tool automatically update new keys every this. In this way, you will get lifetime activation.

No Detection

There are many tools available on the internet that claim they will provide no detection license, but they failed to provide what they said, and they get caught from Microsoft Server.

In this case, KMSPico fulfils that requirement, too. As I said above, it works on the KMS Server technology. That’s the reason it is Undetectable.

Safe & Virus Free

When we use any of the activators, we always that it may contain a virus or any other malicious codes which may corrupt our system.

But now this problem is solved as well; it is because KMSPico is scanned by Virustotal, and it doesn’t find any malicious code in it even though the users of this tool have never complained about any issue regarding viruses.

One-Click Activate

There are many people who don’t have enough knowledge on how to operate an activator tool, and most of the time, the damaged system files.

So, if you are that one, then don’t worry anymore as this KMSPico activator doesn’t require to follow many steps. This program is developed very neatly and cleanly, and it can be used within a click.

Free to Use

This is a tool that is 100% free to use, and it will never ever cost you a penny. There is some website which may sell you this tool so avoid it they are scammers.

Team Daz made this tool to use free, and it will remain free for the rest of life, it can be used on as many machines as you want.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no doubt that every tool has its own pros and cons, so just like that, this tool also has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Activation is away from just ONE click. That’s very easy
  • Safest processes are followed to execute activation
  • Totally Free for forever
  • Tiny file which is less than 5 MB in total


  • It’s not recommended to update your Windows or Office once activated using this tool
  • In most countries, this tool may seem legal.

Supported Systems

KMS also offers the ability to check for an earlier version of the software through online KMS servers. This Activator also forces the consumers to activate the program via the KMS Server.

The software that can be activated using this tool is mentioned below in the table given. The correct operating system must run on the system to enable any Computer or OS client.

This does not support older Windows OS versions such as Windows XP, Vista. Therefore, before using this Activator, the user who wants to enable this kind of Application must have 4.0+.

Operating SystemsOfficeServer OS
Windows 8(.1) ProOffice 10/project/ visionWin Server 2016
Win 8(.1) EnterpriseOffice 13/project/ visionWindows Server 2012 (R2) all versions
Windows 7Office 16/project/ visionWindows Server 2008 R2 all versions
Windows 10 Pro/EnterpriseOffice 2019All Servers
Windows Vista BusinessOffice 2020
Win Vista Enterprise



Since this ApplicationApplication is very worthy but in case if you don’t like it and want to activate Windows and Office, then there are many other alternatives available on the internet.

Now I am going to tell you some best alternatives which you should use instead of this Activator.

Here is the list of Best alternatives:

Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit or the EZ Activator is the alternative of the KMSPico activator, which helps you in activating Windows and Office.

This tool was developed by the CODYQX4, a senior member of mdl (MyDigitalLife forums).

The first name of this tool was EZ Activator, which you can use to activate only Windows 7 and 8. After this, when the KMS Server concept was invented, they then added the KMS server inside it and also changed the name from EZ Activator to Microsoft Toolkit.

The older version of this tool was only used if you have an internet connection, but when they added the KMS server inside it, this tool latterly supports offline activation as well.

this tool also a free activator, and you don’t have to pay money for it even though it is used for the activation of Windows 10 ,11, 8, 8.1, and Office 2013, 2016, and 365.

KMSAuto Net

Another alternative version of this Activator with almost the same name; this tool has a unique user interface. You may face difficulty in operating this because the whole UI is very different.

With the help of this Activator, you cannot only get the full version of Windows but even though you can get a license of Microsoft Servers. When you use it on your machine, it will enhance the performance of that machine.

It is very light in size, so this doesn’t occupy much space on the hard disk. The portable version of the KMSAuto net is also available, which doesn’t require any type of installation.

This version is beneficial for those who think of it as a Virus, and they don’t want to install it on their machines. Another most exciting feature is that this tool is not detectable by the Antivirus tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we discuss everything about this fantastic tool, but there are still some people who have doubts, and they wanted to ask questions.

If you are one of them, then you should check out my FAQ list in which I have collected some most asked questions from the internet.

By reading these, I am sure you will get your answer, but in case you didn’t get what you are looking for, then you can even ask in the comment section.

Does KMSPico contain Malware?

No, this tool is spotless, and it doesn’t contain any type of Malware or virus. It is scanned by the virus total and found no malicious code inside it.

Will the KMS tool hack my credit card information?

Of course not, as I said above, this tool is 100% free of cost, and you will never charged a penny by using it. This is the reason KMSPico doesn’t ask for credit card information. Now in case if you find a website where it asks to insert Credit card info, don’t insert it because it is a scam website.

Is KMS Pico free, or I need to pay for money?

Yes, KMSPico is a free tool, and it will remain free for the rest of life, the developer never asks for money. You may find a website that sells KMSPico, so be aware as they are scammers.

Is the KMSpico windows 11 activator pirated tool?

The simple answer will be. Yes, it is because you are not purchasing a product key from its owner, but you are activating it by using a tool. This thing is considered piracy, and yes, of course, this tool is a pirated tool to use it at your own risk.

What does KMS mean?

KMS stands for Key Management Server, which is the technology of Microsoft itself. This technology was introduced for big companies or business owners, and they feel difficulty when purchasing separate licenses for each Computer. So, by using this, all computers get to connect with each other on a server that contains license information.

If my Windows updates automatically, will I lose my activation?

In case you are installing a new Windows by using Pen Drive or through CD/DVD, then you will lose activation. Otherwise, if your Computer is getting updates from Microsoft online, then don’t worry, you won’t lose activation.

Will KMSPico provide Permanent activation in windows 11?

KMSPico is designed in a way that it automatically keeps updating license keys on a regular basis. So, you can say that it will give its users a lifetime free activation.


KMSPico is a fantastic gift from Team Daz as it is the only Activator that gives 100% of it to users. This tool is very beneficial for those who don’t have enough money to purchase the original licenses from Microsoft. I am personally using this as my Activator, and I just fell in love with this.

The unique design and easy to use interface is also the best thing about it because people with less knowledge of computers can also easily use it.

There are also other alternatives to this Activator available on the internet, so if you want to give them a try, you should check my article as I mentioned some best alternatives above.

Also, make sure to read the complete guide on how to install the KMSPico Windows activator, and don’t forget to read the activation process.

Because most people still face the problem and don’t know how to operate it, that’s the reason why I wrote the complete guide on this topic.

If you have any questions, make sure to read the FAQ list above to get the most asked questions and their answers.