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Hi, welcome to our website KMSPico. This website is developed to provide all the information regarding KMSPico activator.

Everything we share in this website is not developed by us but we are only sharing with you and we don’t have any type of control over it. We are the team of two people who are working on different niche websites and this is one of them.

This website is for education purpose only so use it on your own risk. In our website we will share some tips on how to activate Windows, activate Microsoft Office and other sorts of tips as well.

There are many website available on the internet which claims they will give you  this activator. Sadly, all they give is In-Link ads, pop-up and pop-under advertisements and other things.

I personally tries to download this tool so I can activate my Windows but I faced too many ads there. It wastes a lot of my precious time and after wasting hours I finally found the correct working link.

This  is the reason why we created this website so the users can benefit from this awesome activator. With the help of our website you can directly download this app and install on your computer.

No even this but we also share with you the whole process in which you learn how to activate Windows 10 free of cost. Also, we will share with you some best alternatives tools to KMSPico so if one is not working for you then try another.

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