Windows loader 2.2.2 Download | Official Website (2021)

Windows loader is an activator that is used to activate Microsoft all Windows 7 versions for free without paying anything to Microsoft company. If you are interested in activating your Operating system free, then you should read this article and activate your windows with windows loader.

What is the Windows loader?


Windows loader is a software which is used to break Microsoft License and Converter Windows into free you don’t need activation code to activate your Windows when you install this tool,

this is very famous among the KMS Activator because No other KMS activator can activate windows seven this software was built in 2013 owner of this KMS Tool is team Daz,

if still, you are using Windows 7, then you are a special one because a windows 7 is entirely death this operating system is fantastic among all Windows I am also using Win7 because of its amazing and has light features and super-fast I can say this is very best windows ever used.


The Main Features of this is totally free, and when you activate your windows through this software you don’t need to activate your window again, it will remain lifetime until you and install new Windows this software has no any virus you don’t need a technical mind to use this is very easy to use, and this activates a different version of windows seven like Ultimate, Professional, Premium, HomeEnterprise, Basic home

if your windows are already activated this software will tell you about it that your window is activated you don’t need to activate again, so this is the main feature I loved it this software supports all the language if you are living in other countries like the Europe United States of America. Even you can use it this is very simple and easy to use just you need to read this article completely then you should try your own.

people say using free software is a virus, but it is totally wrong because the software to do not pay to the company don’t be afraid of using Windows loader 100% safe to use,

this will not give any short trial it will permanently Activate your Windows even you have access to remove it from your computer I am also writing how to remove Windows loader from your computer easily

Is Windows loader Safe?

Yes, the windows loader is totally safe and completely free; you can use it without any disturbing this software has over 10 million downloads every month even I am using on every computer, so feel free to use it without tension.

Before installing you just need to deactivate your Antivirus no matter what Antivirus you have must disable it

if you find anything wrong, please let us know in comment section we will try to fix it as soon as possible so right now it is totally safe to use, not only one complaint to we got, please read this article completely to avoid any unsafe mistakes you may make it.

Who Creates a Windows loader?

the question everyone asking is who made the windows loader let me tell you who created this for us as it is helping us too much the developer team name is Daz Team this is a team of four people they made a lot of Amazing free tools recently made removeWAT which can activate latest windows 7 version as well the developers has it don’t their own website they only use development platform GitHub 

So you can follow them on this forum they also provide support to you if you have any question you can simply ask them by using the contact form and you can also donate them.

Download Windows Loader

Now this is the download section from here you can download Windows 7 loader simply below you can see the red button just click it and you will redirect to another page, and that page you can also see download button click that and downloading automatically will start and save it in your other partition not in C because maybe Antivirus can delete it.

Download Windows Loader

So now, after downloading you have to install it, I am also here in telling you how you can say to it perfectly on your PC follow my step without waiting.

How To Activate Windows 7

So you have downloaded windows loader and now want to install it? Okay, so let’s move to install this is the portable tool. It’s doesn’t require installation just double click exe which you downloaded, then Screen will open as below picture.


Before Activating windows you must have to disable any your antivirus in your computer after you can able to run this program

After the program opens on your computer screen, just click on install, and your windows will be activated thin 2o seconds.


after this restart your computer and go to my computer properties and below you can see your windows is successfully activated:D


Q1) Can I Activate windows 10 using it?

No, you can’t activate any Windows 10 version with this tool because it is made for only Windows 7 version you can activate any Windows 7 edition, please keep away if you have Windows 10 must-try KMSPico which can help you to activate Windows 10

Q2) What is the official website of the win loader?

Windows loader has no official website because the developer doesn’t know about the website development, so other Website owners are uploading it and guide how to use this software safely.

Q3) Should I need to connect with the Internet?

No, you don’t need any internet connection to use it windows loader work with offline connection as well, this is the best part of this Activator even I am telling you to disconnect your Internet while you are activating your Windows I always disconnect from the Internet when install this because when I connected with the Internet, it shows me some errors I am suggesting you to you turn off your Internet

Q4) Can I uninstall After Activation?

Yes why not you can uninstall it anytime after Activation even you do not need software in your computer, you can delete it,

But keeping it in your computer it will not affect your any files or anything, my suggestion to you don’t delete it because when you start fresh windows, you have to this download again

Q5) It’s is necessary to stop Antivirus?

Yes, It’s necessary to stop your Antivirus because when your Antivirus is running win loader will not work, you can disable Antivirus temporary while activating window; after Activation, you can again activate Antivirus.

If you are not using any antivirus, you must have to stop your Windows Defender because this is in other Antivirus from the windows above.

I have guided you on how to disable windows defender in your Windows 7, so simply read it before coming to the section.

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